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Journal: FL Genealogical Society
Volume: 05,#2     Date: Jun 1994
In Oswego Public Library: No

Cook, Amarilla, Mrs. Pension Info 16
Dietrich, Lewis W. Pension Info 18
Fogg, Isabella Pension Info 17
Gallup Family "The Family of John Gallup, Jr. and Hannah Lake Gallup" 2-3
Gallup, John Sr. "John Oldham, John Gallup, Sr., and the Battle of Block Island" 1-2
Gaston, Anna G., Mrs Pension Info 19
Gouler, Emerance, Mrs. Pension Info 17
Crary Family "The Crary Family" 4-9
Heth, Ann Penison Info 15
Hibner, Nicholas Penison Info 18
Hoffman, John Pension Info 16-17
Lake Family Family Info on Margaret Reade Lake & John Lake 2
Lattin, C. A., Dr. Obituary 23-24
Laughlin, Agnes W. Pension Info 17
Hurly, Thomas Pension Info 19
Minorca "Report of Research Trip to Minorca" 25-26
Mock, Catherine Pension Info 15
Moore, Virginia K. V. Pension Info 18
Murray, Cordelia Pension Info 15
Oldham, John "John Oldham, John Gallup, Sr., and the Battle of Block Island" 1-2
Nevins, Albert Pension Info 15
St. Johns Co., FL - Hastings "Some Hastings, Florida, Businesses ca. 1900 to 1940" 20-23
St. Johns Co., FL - Vital Records "Death Records from Health Department, St. Augustine, Florida" 1892 & 1901 10-11
Sheehey, Ann Pension Info 19
Stevens, Martha Pension Info 15-16
York, Elizabeth Pension Info 18-19
Youly, Charles Pension Info 15
Willcox, Altazera L., Mrs. Pension Info 16
Williams, Lovette, Rev. Obituary 9
Wilson, Sarah E. Pension Info 17
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