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Journal: "B.C.G.S. News", Bond County (IL) Genealogical Society
Volume: 03,#1     Date: Spring 1985
Notes on Volume: Includes Surname Index
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Bond Co., IL - History "'Bond's Beginning' - Recollections of James McGillespie" 8-10
Bond Co., IL - History "'Bond County in 1819' - Recollections of J. W. Margrave" 7-8
Carroll, Nancy Misc. Info 15
Bond Co., IL - Military Records "Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Bond County" 5
Bond Co., IL - Misc. Poll Book for 1832 Election 16-17
Bond Co., IL - Vital Records Early Marriages 5-7
Bond Family "Account of Immigration to Illinois of the Bond Family" 10-11
Donnell, Joseph McLean Misc. Info 15
Donnell, Thomas Carson Misc. Info 15
Edwards, Charles West Misc. Info 15
Grigg, Harry N. Misc. Info 15
Hall, John Strider Misc. Info 15
Birge, Harriet Newell Misc. Info 15
Matthews, James Jackson Misc. Info 15
Rench, John Misc. Info 15
Smith, Joel Rondeau Misc. Info 15
Smith, Wm. Carroll Haden Misc. Info 15
Vaughn, Samuel Misc. Info 15
Prickett, John Nelson Misc. Info 15
Bond Co., IL - Land Records "Public Domain Sales and Land Tract Record Listing of Bond County" 24-25
Bond Co., IL - Misc. "Legal Advertisements Bond County, Illinois" (1) 24 Dec 1845 - 25 Nov 1847 26-28
Bond Co., IL - Vital Records Misc. Obituaries from the Greenville Advocate 1858-1862 21-23
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