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Journal: "Chicago Genealogist", Chicago Genealogical Society
Volume: 15,#1     Date: Fall 1982
Notes on Volume: Includes name Index
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Cook Co., IL - Chicago "German Born Chicago Business Men from 1905 Book of Chicagoans" 8-16
Cook Co., IL - Chicago "Records of Chicago Central High School 1859 - 1880" 28-38
Chicago, IL - Misc. "Did Your Ancestors Own Their Own House?" 41-54
Immigration Records "Passenger List from Havre de Grace, France to America on the Ship 'Rhone' " 20-23
Snyder, Edith Enola "Snyder Photo Album" List of Vital Records from Album 39
Teaching Genealogy "To Be or Not to Be - A Teacher of Genealogy" 4-7
Wright Family Bible Records from Bible of Joshua Wright Jr. 58-59
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