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Journal: "Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly", Champaign County (IL) Genealogical Society
Volume: 29,#4     Date: Mar 2008
Notes on Volume: Includes Surname Index
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Rankin Family Misc. Info 138-140
Park, Kate M. Will 137-138
Coons Family "A Letter Written To Mrs. J. S. Coons By Her Son, J. Wm. Coons" 135-136
Johnson Family "Johnson Miscellaneous Research Notes - Illinois" 134-135
Carson F. T. Obituary 131-133
Carson, Melissa Ann Obituary 131
Stidham Family "The Stidman Family In Champaign County, Illinois" 128-133
Guard, Archie Obituary 126
Rogers, H. P. Mrs. Obituary 124
Brown, Allen Obituary 124
Maguire, Margaret Obituary 124
Slayden, Sue Obituary 124
Sheth, James Obituary 123
Busey, Sarah Obituary 121
Younglove, Henry Obituary 119
Canaday, M. J. Mrs. Obituary 117
Harrison, Oliver Obituary 117
Douglas, Kate Obituary 116
Burbon, Philip Obituary 115
Lierman, Maude Obituary 114
Ludington, Mary E. Obituary 114
McKinstry, William Obituary 112-113
Hutchison, Jonathon Obituary 112
Mudge, Eugene Obituary 111-112
Morris, John W. "The Tramp's Will" 110-111
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