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Journal: "Cornsilk : Quarterly of the Genealogical Society of DeKalb County, Illinois"
Volume: 08,#2     Date: Summer 1989
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Churchill, David Obituary 38
DeKalb Co., IL - Misc. "They Went Thataway" Migration Notices from the Sycamore True Republican Newspaper, Various Dates 39-40
DeKalb Co., IL - Misc. 2) List of Old Settlers from 1906 Article, Schmoldt - Zimmerlin 33
DeKalb Co., IL - Sandwich "Records of the Sandwich Presbyterian Church" 30-32
Dow, A. S. Obituary 32
Gandy, George Obituary 38
Shaw, Harvey Obituary 38
VanHorne, Mary T. Obituary 36
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