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Journal: "Crossroad Trails", Effingham County (IL) Genealogical Society
Volume: 12,#4     Date: 1991
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Alsop, Katie Obituary 27
Bail, John B. Obituary 25
Bailie, Elizabeth Obituary 24
Brumback, Henry Christian Obituary 20-22
Bruver, Bernard Obituary 28
Bruver, Elizabeth Ney Obituary 37
Ebert, Mary 24
Effingham Co., IL - Cemeteries "King Cemetery Has Long and Historic Past" 31-32
Effingham Co., IL - Wolf Creek Early History of Wolf Creek settlement 33-34
Gillespie, James B. Obituary 19
Griffith, Paris Obituary 19
Hardin, Stephen 73rd Birthday 22-23
Craver, Alexander Obituary 26-27
Beard, James Clay Obituary 24
Barron, Hosea Obituary 26
Loy Family "Biographical Sketch of the Loy Family" 7-8
Hursh Family "Exploring An Old Family Cemetery Can Be A Genealogical Exercise" 11-12
Mitchell, Orlando A. Obituary 27-28
Ogden, Gideon W. Obituary 18
Reed, Lavina Slover Obituary 6
Riley, William Obituary 23
Sisson, Jennie McDonaldson Obituary 17
Spitler, David Obituary 18-19
Thies, Theodore Obituary 26
Nichols, Henry Orlon Obituary 9-10
Tipsword, Anna Obituary 10
White, Agnes Obituary 26
Worman, Theresa Clara Obituary 8
Parks, Martin V. Obituary 20
Vogt, Mary E. Obituary 28
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