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Journal: "Gleanings From the Heart of the Cornbelt", Bloomington-Normal (IL) Genealogical Society
Volume: 16,#3     Date: Sep 1982
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

McLean Co., IL - Churches "Historical Sketch of the Old Town Baptist Church" 87
McLean Co., IL - Heyworty "A History of Heyworth (ILL.)" 88-89
McLean Co., IL - Normal "Records of First Baptist Church....From Records of 1866 -1891...." 63-66
McLean Co., IL - Vital Records "Deaths Occurring in McLean County - Burials Outside the County" (2) Misc. Names Beginning With B & C 62
McLean Co., IL - Vital Records "Milo Custer's Gelealogical Notes of Central Illinois For the Year 1909 - Heads of Families Born Prior to the year 1850, Who Died, or Whose Wife Died During the Year 1909, etc., With Names and Addresses of Surviving Children or Other Relatives" Abel-Chick 79-82
Tazewell Co., IL - Vital Records Early Marriages 74
Wade, John Biography 71
Watt, John Biography 71
Womeldorff, Geo. W. Biography 71-72
Whiteside, David Biography 72
McLean Co., IL - Saybrook "Obituaries and Marriages of the Saybrook, Illinois Area" 67-70
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