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Journal: "The Hoosier Genealogist"
Volume: 34,#3     Date: Sep 1994
In Oswego Public Library: No

Boyd, Isabella Martin Obituary 138-139
Broadie, Matilda Obituary 139
Broughton Family Bible Records 189
Brown, Charles Obituary 139
Adams, Eslie C., Mrs. Obituary 137
Carter, Eunice Hadley Obituary 139-140
Chapman, Charles E., Mrs. Obituary 140
Baker, Clara Pruett Obituary 137
Cox, Mark Obituary 140-141
Davis, E. Obituary 141
Dawson, Cora Obituary 141
Dawson, James Edward Obituary 141
Dean, Edem (Odem), Mrs. Obituary 141-142
Bowlus, Edward Obituary 138
Demotte, John, Dr. Obituary 142
Buck Family Bible Records 188
Burch, Mose, Capt. Obituary 139
Doty, Lee L. Obituary 142
Duncan, Oma Thomas, Miss Obituary 142
Edwards Family Bible Records 182
Evans Family Bible Records 135
Epply Family Bible Records 177
Gentry, Jennie P. Obituary 142
Gentry, L. A. Obituary 142-143
Gilchrist, Mabel Obituary 143
Gray, L. W., Mrs. Obituary 143
Greathouse, Thomas Smith Obituary 143
Hadley, Abner, Mrs. Obituary 143
Harshman, Louisa D. Obituary 144
Finney Co., KS - Vital Records 2) Finney County, Kansas Obituary Abstracts Abstracts, 1900-1911 - Obituaries of People with Indiana Connections 137-150
Hipkin, Bessie E. Obituary 144
Hopkins, Austin (W. A.) Obituary 144
Baker, Jesse, Mrs. Obituary 138
Indiana - Military Records List of Names with Regiment and Town at a Soldiers Reunion, 1907 (Civil War Units). 158-164
Indiana - Probate Records "Wills, Estates, and Probate Records, Indiana State Archives" 168-171
Barnett, Lucinda Craig Obituary 138
Johnson Family "Crawford County, Indiana Johnson Family Bible" Includes Fancher & Claycombe Families 155-157
Kingery, Cornelia Ayers Obituary 144
Kingery, David, Rev. Obituary 144-145
Kinnison, Mrs. Obituary 145
Jukle, Edward Obituary 144
Berger, Hiram Obituary 138
Kramer, A. B. Obituary 145
Kriete, Henry Obituary 145
Bartholomew Co., IN - Vital Records "Bartholomew County, Indiana Marriages, 28 August 1832-29 December 1833" 129-135
Lawrence, R. M. Obituary 145
Lincoln, Della, Mrs. Obituary 145
Lincoln, Delmar Obituary 145
Lynn, Samuel W. Obituary 145
McCollum, Alice (Mrs. James) Obituary 146
Messenger, Louis M., Mrs. Obituary 146
Minard, Sarah Hopkins Obituary 146
Coles Family Bible Records. Includes Snyder Family 180-181
Marion Co., IN - Indianapolis List of Letters at Post Office 20 July 1822 178-179
Marion Co., IN - Vital Records "Deaths from 'The Indianapolis Daily Journal', July - August 1862";
"Deaths from the 'Daily Sentinel', June-August 1862"
172-176, 184-185
Murphy, Belle (Mrs. Charles) Obituary 146-147
Neal, Benjamin F. Obituary 147
Neal, G. L., Dr. Obituary 147
Rose, Anna S. Obituary 149
Smith, A. H., Mrs. Obituary 149
Smith, Benjamin F. Obituary 149
Snyder Family In Coles Bible Records 180-181
Cross, James Obituary 141
Tucker, Andrew Obituary 149
Tedford, John Madison Obituary 149
Terhune, Garret Washington Obituary 149
Ward, J. L. Obituary 149-150
Pate, William, Mrs. Obituary 147-148
Pate, William T. Obituary 147
Pearce, Mary A. Cowgill Obituary 148
Pelham, S. M. Obituary 148
West, L. R. Obituary 150
Whitson, Aaron Obituary 150
Whitson, George Obituary 150
Price Family Bible Records 166-167
Priest, Joseph H. Obituary 148-149
Quick Family Bible Records 136
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