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Journal: "Henry County Genie", Henry County (IL) Genealogical Society
Volume: 17,#4     Date: Dec 2001
Notes on Volume: Includes Surname Index
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Anderson, Alexander Obituary 13
Bodine, Hilda Obituary 13
Ebel, August, Mrs. Obituary 13
Foster, Donald Obituary 14
Empson, Clara E. Obituary 12
Jacobson, Peter, Mrs. Obituary 14
Johnson, Earl Obituary 13
Johnson, Patty Jo Obituary 12
Krahn, Louise Obituary 12
Humphrey, George Obituary 14
Mosher, Hattie Obituary 14
Carlson, G. R. Obituary 14
Neubert, Wilhelm Obituary 12
Reich, Minna Obituary 13
Ringel, Greta Moore Obituary 12
Swanson, Elva Obituary 13
Vaughn, Anna Teresa Obituary 12
Ough, Lula A. Obituary 14
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