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Journal: "Illinois Mennonite Heritage", Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society
Volume: 25,#4     Date: Dec 1998
Notes on Volume: Printed 24,#4
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Erismann, Christian "Schoolteacher by Accident, Churchman Without Office Christian Erismann: 1835-1905" 73, 78-93
Egle, Christian Biography 94
Egli, John Biography 94
Esch, Christian Biography 94
Garber, Christian Biography 94
Gascho, Christian Biography 94
Engel, John Biography 94
Gingerich, Christian Biography 94-95
Farni, Christian Biography 94
Guengerich, Peter Biography 95
Guth, Peter Biography 95
Hochstettler, Jacob Biography 95
Illinois - Amish "Illinois Ministers Attending the Amish Ministers' Meetings of 1862-1878" 93-96
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