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Journal: "Illinois Mennonite Heritage", Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society
Volume: 26,#2     Date: Summer 1999
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Gerig, Fannie Obituary 47
Gerig, Joseph Obituary 47
Glick, Esther S. Obituary 26
Illinois - Amish "Illinois Ministers Attending the Amish Ministers' Meetings of 1862-1878" 42-46
Roth, Nicholas Biography 42
Roth, Ruth Caroline Obituary 26
Schrock, Christian C. Biography 42
Steinman, Daniel Biography 43
Strubhar, John Biography 42
Stuckey, Joseph Biography 42
Stuckey, Peter Edward Biography 43
Sutter, Johannes Biography 43
Unzicker, Jacob Biography 43
Wagler, Jacob Biography 44
Wagner, Joseph Biography 44
Yoder, Jonathan Biography 44
Yoder, Joseph Biography 44
Zehr, Jacob Biography 44
Zimmerman, Andrew Biography 44
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