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Journal: "Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly"
Volume: 08,#3     Date: 1976
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Gresham, Archibald Obituary 122
Hancock Co., IL - Misc. "A Petition by Hancock County Residents" 1844 137-138
Henderson Co., IL - Misc. "Some American Oaths of Allegiance, Oquawka, Henderson County, IL" 151-152
Iowa - Misc. "Early German Settlers in Iowa" 141-145
Jo Daviess Co., IL - Misc. "Whigs of Jo Daviess County 1844" 127-129
Maps "Sources of Maps for Midwestern Local and Family History: A Check List" 131-135
Marion Co., IL - Cemeteries List of Cemeteries in County 148
Smith Family "1847: From Kentucky to Illinois by Covered Wagon" 155-156
Smith, Mary H. Obituary 153-155
Soundex Explanation of System 123-124
Stilly Family "The Still(e)y Families of Southern Illinois" 147-148
Willeford Family "My Coca - Cola Story" 130
Stilley Family "The Still(e)y Families of Southern Illinois" 147-148
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