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Journal: "Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly"
Volume: 12,#1     Date: 1980
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Henderson Co., IL - Military records "Burials of Henderson County, Illinois, Soldiers - Revolution through Civil War" 37-39
Illinois - Misc. "Genealogical Abstracts from Laws of State of Illinois 12th General Assembly, December 7, 1840" 27-36
Reed, Geo. W. Letter, December 8, 1862 49
St. Louis Co., MO - St. Louis "The Fraudulent Census of St. Louis" 5-8
Smith Family "One Smith Family Legend Verified" Allen Smith Family 41-42
Wills "In the Name of God, Amen" 9-16
Illinois - Misc. "The Territorial Papers of the United States . . . 1809-1814" Misc. Items - Various Areas. Also 1815-1818. 17-26
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