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Journal: "Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly"
Volume: 25,#1     Date: Spring 1993
Notes on Volume: Includes Surname Index
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Computer Genealogy "Using the National Hobby Bulletin Board Systems" 34-37
Clark Co., IL - Military Records "List of Pensioners, Clark County, Illinois" 5-9
Ft. Dearborn, Chicago "Fate of the Garrison at Fort Dearborn" 15-19
Greenwood, Basil "Diary of an Illinois Wagon Train" 1852 10-14
Hamblen, Uriah "Pioneer, Uriah Hamblen, Gets Marker" 3-4
Lake Co., IL - Lake Forest "Clergy of Lake Forest, IL 1840-1962" 37
Lee Family "Lee - Bateman Bible Record with Manuscripts and Obituaries" 21-22
Woodford Co., IL - Misc. Woodford County Almshouse Register, Part 4: Sheedy - Zoder 38-49
Macoupin Co., IL - Coroner's Records "Macoupin County Coroner's Inquests, 1841-1928" (1) Index, Aberle - Eliason 25-31
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