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Journal: "Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly"
Volume: 42,#2     Date: Summer 2010
Notes on Volume: Includes Surname Index
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Michigan - Military Records "Descriptive Roll of First Regiment of Michigan Volunteers" 65-68
Scott Co., IL - Military Records "Update to Union Civil War Veteran Burials in Scott County, Illinois Post 3 - Civil War Veteran Pension Applications" 100-108
Davenport, Fannie Willis Misc. Info, Photo 99
Maass, Arthur Misc. Info, Photo 99
Strong, William Hardin Misc. Info, Photo 98
Youle Family Misc. Info, Photo 98
Ogilby Family Ambrose and Mary (Hawks) Ogilby Photos, Misc. Info 97
Armstrong, Hugh McCracken "Revisiting Joshua Armstrong's History: Abraham Lincoln Story Leads to New Findings" 91-96
Carpenter, Sarah L. Biography 81
Gates, Caroline Biography 80-81
Smith, Ann Huntoon Biography 80
Howard, Elizabeth Parker Biography 80
Pease, S.A., Mrs. Biography 79-80
Demorest, Elizabeth Leach Biography 79
Gray, Diantha P. Biography 78-79
Fenton, Eliza Biography 78
Putney, Charlotte Biography 78
Hurd, Gilbert, Mrs. Biography 78
Lund, A.A., Mrs. Biography 78
Brown, D.C., Mrs. Biography 78
Fitch, Ira H., Mrs. Biography 78
Clark, Emily Biography 77
Fridley, B. F., Mrs. Biography 77
Foster, Emily S. Biography 76-77
Renfrew, Eliza Biography 76
Neale, Nancy Biography 76
Wing, Abigail Moncrief Biography 76
Osborne, Curtis, Mrs. Biography 76
Pollock, Rachel Biography 76
Colkins, Phebe A. Biography 75-76
Botsford, Lucinda Biography 75
Smith, Nancy Ketchum Biography 75
Hough, C., Mrs. Biography 75
Curry, Hannah Purdy Biography 75
Tanner, William A., Mrs. Biography 74-75
Elliott, W. T., Mrs. Biography 74
Sherer, Matilda Biography 74
Steele, Catharine Biography 74
Joyce, Cordelia Biography 73
Wilder, Clark, Mrs. Biography 73
McCollum, Lucy Biography 73
Hoyt, Susannah Williams Biography 73
Bowen, Clarinda S. Biography 73
Gillett, A. S., Mrs. Biography 72-73
Knickerbocker, Herman, Mrs. Biography 72
Babcock, Electa D. Biography 72
Gandal, Sarah Covell Biography 72
Pinney, Susan Biography 72
Swift, Angeline Biography 71
Estee, Martha C. Biography 71
Emerick, Jane Biography 71
Smith, Ruth Biography 71
Doty, Lucretia Stafford Biography 71
Meredith, Sarah Biography 71
McCarty, Emily A. Biography 70-71
Merrill, Melinda Shurtliff Biography 70
Curls Family Bible Records, 1870-1933 118
Paddock Family Bible Records, 1823-1934 117-118
Marshall Family Bible Records, 1858-1936 116
Neil Family Bible Records, 1836-1876 116-117
Mills Family Bible Records, 1814-1893 116
Stuckey, Amelia B. Obituary, 1903 115
Winters Family Bible Records, 1821-1915 114-116
Stevens Family Bible Records, 1776-1930 112-114
Shinn Family Bible Records, 1840-1917 111
Small Family "Sarah Crawford Small's Bible" 110
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