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Journal: "Keystone Kuzzins", The Erie (PA) Society for Genealogical Research
Volume: 24,#3     Date: Feb 1996
In Oswego Public Library: No

Anderson Family "Rev. Marcus Wishart's Genealogical Records" 90-91
Allison, W. F. Biography 94
Bostwick, D. C. Biography 69-70
Erie Co., PA - Maps "Erie County Map Series 1800, 1801, 1803, 1811" 79-81
Beatty, John Biography 93-94
Kingsbury Family 68
Moorhead, Robert J. Biography 68-69
Norris, Nathaniel Biography 69
Erie Co., PA - Tax Records "Erie County Council Tax Assessment Records - Erie Boro, Erie County, PA 1823" Moore, George, Esqr. - Smith, Wilson, Esqr. 86-89
Erie Co., PA - Vital Records "Erie City Death Register, April 1884 to March 1894" Linse, Alois - McCarthy, Jeremiah 82-85
Erie Co., PA - Vital Records Marriages, 1820-1906 from the Erie Newspaper Index,
Magill, Christina - Marsh, Harriet Ann
Erie Co., PA - Vital Records Deaths, 1820-1906, from the Erie Newspaper Index,
Law, Ella, Mrs. - Lemon, John
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