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Journal: "The Kalamazoo Valley Family Newsletter", Kalamazoo Valley (MI) Genealogical Society
Volume: 05,#2     Date: Dec 1975
In Oswego Public Library: No

Ionia Co., MI - Belding History of City 102-108
Ionia Co., MI - Berlin Twp. Early History 112-114
Ionia Co., MI - Boston Twp. Early History of Twp.; Village of Saranac 115-116, 118
Ionia Co., MI - Campbell Twp. Early History of Twp., Village of Clarksville 117-118, 165
Ionia Co., MI - Cemeteries List of Cemeteries in County. 183-184
Ionia Co., MI - Danby Twp. Early History 119-120
Ionia Co., MI - Easton Twp. Early History 121-122
Ionia Co., MI - Ionia Twp. Early History 123-124
Ionia Co., MI - Keene Twp. Early History 125-126
Ionia Co., MI - Lake Odessa Early History of Village 109-111
Ionia Co., MI - Lyons Twp. Village of Pewamo,
Early History of Township,
Village of Lyons,
Village of Muir
120, 127-130, 156, 177-179
Ionia Co., MI - Misc. 1871 Directory of Ionia County; List of Centennial Farms 131-154
Ionia Co., MI - North Plains Twp. Village of Hubbardston,
Early History of Township,
Hamlet of Matherton
130, 155 -156, 162
Ionia Co., MI - Odessa Twp. Early History 157-158
Ionia Co., MI - Orange Twp. Early History 159-160
Ionia Co., MI - Orleans Twp. Early History 161-162
Ionia Co., MI - Otisco Twp. Early History 163-165
Ionia Co., MI - Portland Twp. Early History,
City of Portland
166-168, 185-186
Ionia Co., MI - Ronald Twp. Early History 169-170
Ionia Co., MI - Resources Records Available in County Clerk's Office 100
Ionia Co., MI - Sebewa Twp. Early History 171-176
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