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Journal: "Kentucky Ancestors", Kentucky Historical Society
Volume: 23,#1     Date: Summer 1987
In Oswego Public Library: No

Craig Family "Riches for the Craig Heirs in Pike and Letcher Counties" 2-4
Kentucky - Military Records "Kentuckians Killed and Wounded at the Battle of Buena Vista, 1847" 5-9
Larue Co., KY - Misc. "Larue County Farmhouse Map - 1899" 16-25
Mercer Co., KY - Census "Mercer Countians Listed on (Unmicrofilmed) Page 94 of the 1820 Census" 10-11
Spencer Co., KY - Cemeteries "The Stodghill Farm Graveyard, Spencer County" 12-15
Stodghill Family "The Stodghill Farm Graveyard, Spencer County" 12-15
Trigg Co., KY - Vital Records "Trigg County - 'Birth and Death Record Book for 1896, Drs. Blake' and 'List of Deaths Reported by Dr. L. Lindsay for 1896' " 26-29
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