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Journal: "Kentucky Ancestors", Kentucky Historical Society
Volume: 23,#3     Date: Winter 1988
In Oswego Public Library: No

Brenton Family Family of Major James Brenton 184
Bridges, Drury Misc. Info 187-188
Combs, John Family of John Combs 184-185
Connor, William Family of William Connor 173
Calloway, Richard Family Info 194-195
Cooke, Noubourne Berkeley 185
Childers Family Family of Robert Childres, Childers 186
Boggs Family "Family of James L. Boggs, Sr." 171
Cates Family Family of Joshua Cates 168
Davis, James Family Info 193
Brumley, Daniel Family Info 190
Bryan, Moses A., Jr. Family Info 189
Bryant Family Family of William Bryant 172
Dillon, James Madison Family Info 188
Burkhart Family Family of Isaac Burkhart 185
Bush Family Family of Ambrose Bush 173
Gatliff Family Family of Charles Gatliff 172
Goode, John Family Info 191
Hamon, Ezra Family Info 189
Fields Family Family of William Fields 171
Hawkins, James Family Info 195
Hieronymus, Samuel Rector Family Info 194
Hopkins, Ezekial Family Info 190
Holland, Wiley (Willie) Family Info 193
Kenton Co., KY - Covington "Charter Members of the German Pioneer Societies of Covington and Newport, Kentucky, 1877" 158-167
Banta Family Family of Hendrick H. Banta III 187
Beard, William Family Info 191
Jolly Family Family of Adam Nelson Jolly 171
Atwood, James Family Info 192
Awbrey Family Family of John H. Awbrey 172
Kirkham, Robert Family Info 192
Logan Co., KY - Census "Free Black Residents of Logan County, Kentucky, 1850" 178-183
Cloud, William Family Info 197
Menefee Family Family of Jarrett Menefee 184
Morgan Family Family of Thomas Miles Morgan 170
Philley Family Family of Roger Filley/Philley 168
Raley, Benedict Family Info 196-197
Reid Family Family of Andrew Reid 169
Russell Family Family of Charles Russell 170
Shryock, John Frederick Family Info 194
Shelby, Isaac, Gov. 189-190
Shelton Family "Henry Clay Shelton and Sons, ca. 1898, Mayfield, Kentucky" 183
Pollard, Thomas Family Info 196
Stockton, George Family Info 188
Veitch, Smauel Family Info 191
Thatcher, Daniel Family Info 195
Threlkeld Family Family of Daniel Threlkeld 169
Todd Family "The 'Papers of Emily Todd Helm' - Going Back to the Original Records" 174-175
Paul, Michael Family Info 192-193
Wheeler Family "Family Record from the Bible of William Wheeler, Sr. and Salley Shrewsbury Wheeler, Garrard County" 176-177
Wilcoxson Family Family of Daniel Wilcoxson 170
Wilkinson, Drury Jr. Family Info 197
Preston, Moses, Sr. Family Info 196
Pulley Family Family of Major General Philemon Pulley 186-187
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