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Journal: "Michigan's Habitant Heritage : Journal of the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan"
Volume: 27,#1     Date: Jan 2006
In Oswego Public Library: No

Callard, Carole Obituary, 1941-2005 41
Henry, James "Inventory of the Late James Henry, Intestate - 1816...." part 2 9-10
Michigan - Misc. "Description of the Lands and Settlers in the Vacinity of Detroit" 1-6
Michigan - Land Records "Private Claims in the Detroit River Region" 19-22
Canada - Vital Records "Confirmations en La Grande Eglise (Quebec) 25 Juillet 1665" 34-36
Alard Family "I Love a Puzzle: Who Were Gilbert Alard and His Tragic Young Wife, Justine?" 11-15
Bay Co., MI - Cemeteries St. Michael Cemetery, Pinconning, MI 7-8
Michigan - Court Records "Some Notes on the Michigan Territorial Court Records, 1796-1857 An Untapped Source of French-Canadian History, Culture and Genealogy" 23-34
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