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Journal: "Michigan's Habitant Heritage : Journal of the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan"
Volume: 27,#3     Date: Jul 2006
In Oswego Public Library: No

Corriveau, Marie-Josephte "The Legend of LaCorriveau" 131-132
Beauregard, Andre Jarret de "An Intriguing Entry in th Confirmation List of 31 August 1665 Could 'Andre Jareau' be Andre' Jarret de Beauregard, First Husband of Marguerite Anthiaume?" 125-130
Canada - Vital Records "Confirmations at Notre-Dame de Quebec 31 August 1665, 7 Sept. 1665, 8 Sept, 1665" 123-125
Fort Pontchartrain "8 August 1706 Fort Pontchartrain Becomes a Permanent Settlement on le Detroit du Lac Erie" 138-141
Alard, Joseph "Does Joseph (7) Alard, 1820-1904, Have a Secret?" 111-120
Azeman/Agement, Jacques "Jacques Ageman/Agement/ Son dit St. Martin His Involvement in the French and Indian Wars: 1756-1760" 142-149
Canada - Military Records "Rolls of the Soldiers of Colonial Canada" 101-110
Bay Co., MI - Cemeteries St. Michael Cemetery, Pinconning, MI 121-122
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