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Journal: "Michigan's Habitant Heritage : Journal of the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan"
Volume: 29,#1     Date: Jan 2008
In Oswego Public Library: No

Klosterman, Fr. Leo Jerome Obituary, 1927-2007 49-50
Colby, Keanette Nadon Obituary, 1918-2007 49
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "Hillary Rodham Clinton's French-Canadian Ancestry: Detroit and Michigan Connections Ancestry of Delia Martin - Part 2" 46-48
Canada - Vital Records "Confirmations L'Ange-Gardien 12 and 24 March 1666" 10-11
Trombley, Angeline "The Picture That Created a Thousand Words: Angeline Trombley, 18 Years" 18-27
Clinton, Hillary Rodham "Parentage Between Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton through Pierre Gasnier" 14-17
Cicotte, Francois Misc. Info 28-34
Canada - Misc. "Salt Smugglers, Prisoners and Sons of Gentlemen in New France in the 18th Century" 35-39
Wayne Co., MI - Cemeteries "Veterans of the War of 1812 Buried in Mt. Elliott Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan" 28-34
Dumouchel, Jean Baptiste "A Tribute to Jean Baptiste Dumouchel - Patriote of 1837 and His Fellow Patriotes of Deux-Montagnes" 1-10
Navarre, Robert "Robert Navarre, First Royal Notary in Detroit" 40-45
Bay Co., MI - Cemeteries St. Michael Cemetery, Pinconning, MI 12-13
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