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Journal: "NGS Newsletter", "NGS Newsmagazine"
Volume: 32,#1     Date: Jan/Feb/Mar 2006
In Oswego Public Library: No

Newberry Library "Research at the Newberry Library" 58-60
Marriage Records "Marriage Records" 45-47
Indigent Records "Indigent Records" 32-33
California - Misc. "Women and the California Gold Rush" 24-27
Boring, Gertrude Merle Cabisher Eagle "The Elusive Aunt Merle" 20-23
Lighthouses "Keeping the Flame - The Life of a Lighthouse Keeper" 16-19
Census "Occupations in Our Family Tub" 12-15
Census "Combing the Census"
"The 'other' Federal Population Schedules"
Germany - Names "Working with German Names" 41-43
Documentation "Documentation - A Formula for Every Day" 18-22
Abstracting "Transcribing and Abstracting" How To 14-17
Transcribing "Transcribing and Abstracting" 14-17
Census "Combing the Census"
"The 'other' Federal Population Schedules"
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