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Journal: "NGS Newsletter", "NGS Newsmagazine"
Volume: 35,#1     Date: Jan/Feb/Mar 2009
In Oswego Public Library: No

Google "Google Search Tips" How To 59-61
Fleming, Ann Carter "Ann Carter Fleming Elected NGS Fellow" 11-12
Switzerland "Beginning Swiss Mennonite Research" 33-38
Mennonite "Beginning Swiss Mennonite Research" 33-38
Radivoj, Anton "The Immigration of Anton Radivoj" 29-32
Longenecker Family "Longenecker Family Newsletter" 16
Extension Service Annual Reports "Extension Service Annual Reports" 43-47
New York City, NY "New York City's Census Substitute: The Police Census" 52-54
Houghton Co., MI - Misc. "Calumet and Hegla Mining Records - A Mother Lode of Information" 55-58
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