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Journal: "Rhode Island Roots", Rhode Island Genealogical Society
Volume: 17,#1     Date: Mar 1991
In Oswego Public Library: No

Wardwell/Wardell Family "Wardwell/Wardell" Additions and Corrections to Article by Dorothy Chapman Saunders in Sept. and Dec. 1990 Issues 28-30
Hopkins Family Additions & Corrections to Previous Article 30-31
Sweet , Libbeus "Libbeus Sweet" 26-27
Whiting Family "Family Records of Oliver Whiting" 19
Main, Ezekiel, Mrs. "A Clue to the Identity of Mrs. Ezekiel Main" 16-19
Manchester, Mary "Mary Manchester, Wife of Giles Slocum" 7-8
Slocum, Mary "Mary Manchester, Wife of Giles Slocum" 7-8
Rhode Island - Land Records "Tables of Contents to the Land and Notarial Records of Rhode Island, Collection in the Secretary of State's Office, Archives Division, State House, Providence, RI" 20-25
Providence Co., RI - Scitoate "Earmarks Registered in Scitoate, 1734-1811" 9-15
Wardwell/Wardwell Family "Some Further Notes on the Wardwells of Bristol" 28-30
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