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Journal: "Rhode Island Roots", Rhode Island Genealogical Society
Volume: 26,#4     Date: Dec 2000
Notes on Volume: Pages 155-188 name Index to vol 26, 2000
In Oswego Public Library: No

Washington Co., RI - Richmond "Ear Marks Registered in Richmond, RI" 119-133
Kelley, Leona (McElroy) Obituary 154
Willey, Grafton H. (Bert) III Obituary 153-154
Fontaine, Emma "Everybody's Got a Story: Emma Fontaine's French Restaurant" 139-143
Johnson, Helen (Luther) Biography 135-137
Kenyon Family "A Kenyon Genealogy" 113-116
Kenyon Family "A Letter to Family Back Home" 1821 - by Russel W. Kenyon 116-118
Herendeen, Hezekiah "The Parents of Hezekiah Herendeen: A Mystery Three-quaters Solved" 109-112
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