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Journal: "Rhode Island Roots", Rhode Island Genealogical Society
Volume: 28,#4     Date: Dec 2002
Notes on Volume: Pages 201-247 name Index to vol 28, 1002
In Oswego Public Library: No

Rhode Island - Vital Records "The Annotations of Esther Amanda (Spencer) Briggs to Volume X of Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island" 191-197
East Providence, RI - Vital Records "The Newman Congregational Church Marriage Records, 1987-1950, Part 4 - 1942-1950" 173-185
Watson Family Bible Records 198
Whittell, Elizabeth Ellen "Yorkshire Textile Workers Emigrate to Providence" 186-190
Johnson Family "The Family of Bartholomew Johnson (Elkanah): Coventry to New York" 157-172
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