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Journal: "Rhode Island Roots", Rhode Island Genealogical Society
Volume: 29,#2     Date: Jun 2003
In Oswego Public Library: No

South Kingstown, RI - Misc. "Queen's River Baptist Church, South Kingstown: Data for Period 1819-1897" 103-108
Mandeville, Alexander "The Strange Disappearance of Alexander Mandeville and His Son" 109-110
Paine Family Bible Records 89-90
Richmond, RI - Vital Records "Deaths from the Bills of the Overseer of the Poor, Richmond, Rhode Island, 1820-1850" 87-88
Rhode Island - Misc. "Some Rhode Islanders in Suriname: Notes from the Records of John Waterman" 77-86
Bennett, Deborah "Olneyville Strike-breaker Deborah Bennett" 70-76
Randall Family "John and Elizabeth Randall of Westerly, Rhode Island: An Examination of the Legends Surrounding Their English Ancestry" 57-69
Rhode Island - Vital Records "The Annotations of Esther Amanda (Spencer) Briggs to Volume X of Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island" 91-102
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