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Journal: "Rhode Island Roots", Rhode Island Genealogical Society
Volume: 29,#3     Date: Sep 2003
In Oswego Public Library: No

Rhode Island - Census "The 1774 Census of Rhode Island A New Look at an Old Friend" 164-166
Nottage Family "Images of Our Ancestors: Nottage and Downing" 162-163
Rhode Island - Military Records "Rhode Island Casualties in the Spanish-Americn War: Information from the Rhode Island State Archives" 156-161
Bowen Family "Warren Historical Cemetery #14: The Obadiah Bowen Lot" 138-148
Warren, RI - Cemeteries "Warren Historical Cemetery #14: The Obadiah Bowen Lot" 138-148
Rhode Island - Vital Records "The Annotations of Esther Amanda (Spencer) Briggs to Volume X of Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island" 149-155
Johnson Family "A Line of Descent from Elkanah Johnson of Coventry Through His Son John and Grandson Obadiah" 113-137
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