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Journal: "Bulletin", Seattle (WA) Genealogical Society
Volume: 44,#3     Date: Spring 1995
In Oswego Public Library: No

Census "Problems With Using Census Records" 121-122
Doherty, Edward P. "Lincoln's Avenger: A Tombstone Mystery" 132
Foster Family "Unusual Evidence - An Old Broken Handle from Tennessee" Also Brief Family Chart 115-119
Germany "German Documents Hold Good Information" 123-129
Batcheller Family "Batcheller Bible Records" 157-159
Batcheller, John Wesley Obituary 159
Carothers Family "Batcheller Family Bible Records" 157-159
Carothers, Sarah Obituary 158
Rubel Family "The Rubels of Lemars, Iowa" 130-132
Truax Family "About the Truaxes, a Walloon Family" 120
Writing "Grammar and Genealogy: Let's Do It Right!" 133-135
Wilson Family "Batcheller Bible Records" 157-159
Wilson, Charles Leslie Obituary 158
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