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Journal: "Scott County Iowan", Scott County Iowa Genealogical Society
Volume: 18,#3     Date: Sep 1994
In Oswego Public Library: No

Corbin Family Bible Record 56
Johnson, Olive Obituary 51-52
Knuth, Peter "Abstracts Found in the Probate File of Peter Knuth" 67-69
Lames, Christine Obituary 54-55
Mess, Alma Obituary 54
McGaw, Henry E. "Interesting Life Story of Henry E. McGaw" 62-66
McLaughlin, James B. Obituary 53-54
Scharff, Annie Obituary 51
Scott Co., IA - Census "1880 Mortality Schedule - Scott County, Iowa" 57-61
Stacey, Helen Obituary 55
Woods, John Henry Obituary 52-53
Zuber, Anna Catherine Margaretha Obituary 55
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