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Journal: "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography"
Volume: 09,#3     Date: Jan 1902
In Oswego Public Library: No

Anthony Family Info on Anthony - Cooper Family 328-331
Cooper Family Info on Anthony - Cooper Family 328-331
Byrd, William "Letters of William Byrd, 2d of Westover, VA" 225-251
Farrar Family "The Farrar Family" 322-324
King & Queen Co., VA - Land Records "King and Queen County Deeds" 309-311
Virginia - Misc. "Notes from the Council and General Court Records, 1641 - 1682" 306-309
Virginia - Misc. "Papers Relating to the Administration of Governor Nicholson and to the Founding of William and Mary College" 251-262
Virginia - Misc. "Selections from the Campbell Papers" 298-306
Watkins Family Descendants of William Watkins 327-328
Adams Family "Adams Family of Maryland and Virginia" 313-314
Henry Co., VA - History "From its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century, et. Seq." 262-266
Herndon Family "A Genealogy of the Herndon Family" 318-322
Virginia - History "Virginia in 1637 - Harvey's Second Administration" 267-272
Virginia - Misc. "An Abridgement of the Laws of Virginia, compiled in 1694" 273-288
Virginia - Newspapers "Virginia Newspapers in Public Libraries" 289-297
Towles Family "The Towles Family" 324-326
Brooke Family "The Brooke Family of Virginia" 314-318
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