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Journal: "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography"
Volume: 15,#4     Date: Apr 1908
Notes on Volume: Includes Index to Vol 15
In Oswego Public Library: No

Carter, George Will, 1741-2 426-427
Carter, Marm "Some Family Letters of the Eighteenth Century" 432-436
Dandridge, Francis Will, 1763 430-431
Hardich, William Will, 1668 429-430
Haynes, Herbert Will, 1736-7 427-428
Heyes, Hugh Will, 1637 428
Ingram, Joseph Will, 1651 428-429
Crocker, Margaret Jane "The Maternal Ancestors and Kindred of Margaret Jane Crocker, Wife of James Francis Crocker" 442-444
Atkinson, Roger "Letters of Roger Atkinsohn, 1769-1776" 345-359
Brooke Family "The Brooke Family" 453-454
Robinson Family "The Robinson Family of Middlesex & C." 445-449
Brent Family Genealogy 450-453
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