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Journal: "Flashback", Washington County (AR) Historical Society
Volume: 15,#3     Date: Jul 1965
In Oswego Public Library: No

Boyd, William Pension Info 5
Carter Family "The Doctors Carter of Washington Co., Arkansas" Lineages, Biographies, Photos 7-14
Carter, Jordan H., Dr. Biography 20B
Garvin, Thomas Pension Info 5
Gregg, Maston "The Hanging of Maston Gregg" 27-28
Kirby, Christopher Pension Info 5
Leeper, James Pension Info 5
Hudon, Micajah Pension Info 5
Philpott, Marvin Pension Info 5
Slaughter Family "The Slaughters of Habberton" 25-26
Walker, Archelaus Pension Info 5
Wammack, Johnson Pension Info 5
Washington Co., AR - History "Middle Fork Valley and Suburbs" Carter's Store
Sulphur City
White House of the Middle Fork Valley
Washington Co., AR - Churches "Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church" 21-24
Washington Co., AR - Court Records "The First Court Records of Washington County" 3-6
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