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Journal: "Flashback", Washington County (AR) Historical Society
Volume: 17,#2     Date: May 1967
In Oswego Public Library: No

Arkansas - Misc. History of N. W. Arkansas - "Lovely County" - 1820's &30's. Early Settlers 33-36
Benbrook Family Photos 22-23
Bean Family "William Bean and Some of His Descendants" Genealogy; Photos; Will 5-16
Rieff Family Genealogy; Photos 19-22
Stirman Family 17-18
Washington Co., AR - Farmington "Farmington School Notes" 37-39
Washington Co., AR - Fayetteville "Third Ward Poll Book of 65 Years Ago" 24
Washington Co., AR - Rhea "The Church Stayed On" History of Town & Church 25-26
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