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Journal: "Flashback", Washington County (AR) Historical Society
Volume: 19,#2     Date: May 1969
In Oswego Public Library: No

Dannenburg Family Misc. Info 32-34
Dutton Family Misc. Info on Gibson - Dutton Family 31-32
Gibson Family Misc. Info on Gibson - Dutton Families 31-32
Hedrick Family Misc. Info Also Watson & Stone Families. 29
Mankin Family "Peter Mankin I and II" 17-19
Roberson Family "The Roberson Home and Jenkins Ferry" 25-28
Stone Family Misc. Info
Also Hedrick & Watson Families
Washington Co., AR - Cemeteries "Cheatham Cemetery, Lincoln, Arkansas" 20
Washington Co., AR - Cemeteries "Rock Springs Cemetery" 16
Washington Co., AR - Fayetteville "Fifty Years of the American Legion in Fayetteville" 7-10
Watson Family Misc. Info
Also Hedrick & Stone Families
Yoes Family Misc. Info 34
Tebbetts, Jonas M. Biography, Photos, Journal 13-16
Washington Co., AR - Court Records "Old Circuit Court Records" 21-23
Washington Co., AR - Fayetteville "Fayetteville's City Hospital" 1-8
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