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Journal: "Will-Grundy Counties Genealogical Society Quarterly", Will-Grundy Counties (IL) Genealogical Society Quarterly
Volume: 25,#1     Date: Autumn 2006
Notes on Volume: Includes Surname Index
In Oswego Public Library: Yes

Doss Family "The Doss Family" 22
Smith, Beuben W. Information on R W. Smith Family and Photographs of Head Stones 4-5
Will Co., IL - Misc. "Will County Gazateer" Newspaper - 1888 6-7
Hoge Solomon "Letters from Solomon Hoge to His Brother William Hoge" 8
Spiller, John Obituary 10
Spiller, Joanna Obituary 10-11
Nichols, Joseph Henry Obituary 11
McClaskey, Nancy Obituary 11
Miller, Frank Obituary 11-12
Dahlem, J. J. obituary 12
Redmond, Mary Obituary 12-13
Barry, Bridget Obituary 13
Campbell, Walter J. Obituary 13-14
Bundy, Frank Obituary 14
Schrotberger, John Obituary 14
Bell Family "Bell Family" 15
Beard Family "Pioneers Beard and McKeen" 16-19
McKeen Family "Pioneers Beard and McKeen" 16-19
Burleigh, Joseph Franklin Biography 23
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