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Journal: "Yesteryears", (NY)
Volume: 07,#26     Date: Dec 1963
Notes on Volume: Includes Index of key names & locations
In Oswego Public Library: No

Blake, Isaac O. Biography 120
Blauvelt, Peter Biography 121
Bothwell, Alexander Biography 121-122
Bowen, Aaron Biography 122
Baldwin, James K. Biography 115
Baldwin, Lucius Biography 115
Ball, Charles W. Biography 116
Ball, Edwin N. Biography 116
Bardwell, Orren Biography 116-117
Beardsley, Albert Biography 118
Beebe, Jonas, E. Biography 118
Benedict, Fordyce H., M.D. Biography 118
Benham, Wyatt A. Biography 119
Bennett, Daniel M. Biography 119
Bennett, William Biography 119
Benton, Charles P. Biography 120
Bevier, J. Morris Biography 120
Lamoureux Family "The Lamoreux Family in America" 80-89
Loyster Family "From Conowago to Kentucky" A Sequel to the Loyster Family Story (Series) 65-74
Bartlett, Oscar F., M. D. Biography 117
Murphy, Timothy "Timothy Murphy Indian Scout, Soldier, Farmer, Citizen 1751 - 1818" 90-106
Occum, Samson "The Indian Preacher" 75-79
Bishop Family "Descendants of James Bishop and Some of their N.Y. State Settlers" 107-114
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