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Journal: "Yesteryears", (NY)
Volume: 08,#31     Date: Mar 1965
Notes on Volume: Includes name Index
In Oswego Public Library: No

Nassau Co., NY - Garden City "A History of Garden City, New York" 138-146
King Family "The Kings of King Ferry, New York and the Franklins of Aurora, New York" 125-130
Harris, William W. Biography: b. June 2, 1822 175
Hewitt, Charles J. Biography: b. July 15, 1867 176
Hazard, John W. Biography 175-176
Havens, Edwin A. Biography: b. June 17, 1837 175
Homel, George I. Biography 176-177
Hopkins, David Lansing Biography 177
Hornbeck, Isaac D. Biography: b. Feb. 9, 1827 177-178
Horton, David M. Biography: b. June 13, 1819 178
Hoskins, Harlow A. Biography: b. July 24, 1829 178-179
Hoskins, Alson G. Biography 179
Howland, Horace Varnum Biography: b. March 8, 1820 179-180
Madison Co., NY - Misc. "Resident Heads of Families in the Town of Cazenovia, Madison Co., N.Y." 169-172
Westbrook Family "The Family of Nehemiah Westbrook" 158-162
Westbrook Family "Children and Grandchildren of the Three Sons of Nehemia Westbrook and Blandina Kittle" 163-168
Jamison, John "Captain John Jamison" 147-155
Cayuga Co., NY - Aurora "Aurora the Historical, Aurora the Beautiful" 131-134
Franklin Family "The Kings of King Ferry, N.Y., and the Franklins of Aurora, N.Y." 125-130
Hamilton, Josiah H. Biography: b. Jan 4, 1831 174
Hall, Albert LLewellyn Biography: b. Dec 14, 1850 174
Hale, Austin Benham Biography: b. March 13, 1817 173
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