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Journal: "Yesteryears", (NY)
Volume: 10,#37     Date: Sep 1966
Notes on Volume: Includes name Index
In Oswego Public Library: No

Rhodes, Emmett Biography: b. Feb 17, 1855 51
Genessee Co., NY - Misc. "List of Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Abandoned Cemeteries and Private and Farm Burial Plots in Genessee County...." 8-12
Cardwell, Lucy A. "A Sececa Falls Resident, A Descendant of Patrick Henry" 1-7
Wayne Co., NY - Sodus Bay "History of Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario Wayne County, New York" 33-36
Tompkins Co., NY - Cemeteries "Small Family Cemeteries and Solitary Graves in the Town of Lansing, Tompkins Co., Ney York" 27-29
Tryon Family "Seven Tryon Family Pedigree Charts" 20-26
Gillett Family "The Gillett Family of Cortland County" 13-19
Reynolds, Samuel Francis Biography: b. Nov. 7, 1842 51
Robinson, H. S. Biography: b. Sept. 1860 50
Pierce, William F. Biography: b. June 20, 1828 45-46
Pierce, Lavern A. Biography 45
Pierson, Jesse B. Biography: 17th Century 46-47
Pierce, William G. Biography: b. June 6, 1811 46
Priddy, Willoughby B. Biography: b. Dec 21, 1835 47
Prindle, Michael Biography: b. Dec 18, 1815 47-48
Putman, Franklin D. Biography: b. Feb 14, 1852 48
Quigley, Alanson Biography: b. May 19, 1823 48
Peet, Frederic Tomlison Biography: b. 1800's 49. 52
Reed, Tillotson Biography: b. Dec. 31, 1819 51
Reed, James Carpenter Biography 52
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