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Records of the First Methodist Episcopal Church

Aurora, Illinois

The First Methodist Church of Aurora, Illinois very graciously allowed Fox Valley Genealogical Society to copy and extract these valuable records for publication.

The records include membership lists, class lists, baptisms and marriages, with extensive notations regarding deaths, transfers of membership, and other events that caused a written record to be made. These valuable record resources are a long-awaited treasure for any individual or organization with an interest in the early history of Aurora and the religious congregations which grew out of this mother church.

These records are printed in two separate volumes. Volume I (1852-1900) contains 306 pages. Volume II (1897-1937) contains 210 pages. Both volumes are spiral bound. A combined index of both volumes of 62 pages stapled is also available.  The index to both volumes is included as part of our Local Name Index that you can search.

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