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For more than 30 years, the Fox Valley Genealogical Society member Mike Fichtel has indexed the contents of journals and newsletters that have been received or were held by the society. Many society members worked for a year to put this index on-line and then has spent 6 more years keeping it up-to-date by adding 21,300 new entries! What you see here is the result of this volunteer effort!

Mike’s Index consists of a record for each genealogically interesting item in our holdings, most of which are now in the Oswego Public Library. The Index includes references to surnames, obituaries, bible records, biographies, cemeteries, wills, histories, lists, pension records, newspaper abstracts, vital records, maps, etc. All articles in Mike’s Index include the exact article titles but many of the items of interest were not found in articles. Individual obituaries are a good example.

This large index includes 260 Journals/Newsletter Titles and 7571 individual volumes. With 55119 entries, Mike’s Index is a significant contribution to the genealogical community.

The Fox Valley Genealogical Society offers free access to this wonderful Index and hopes that you locate something useful to your research. We would also invite you to join our society to receive other membership benefits.

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