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Each of the search boxes below can be used individually or in combination.  Entering search terms in more than one box requires each to be found for a match.

We recommend that you start with the broadest search (few boxes filled out) and then narrow the search if you get the too many matches.

You can search Mike’s Index by simply entering what you are looking for.   This can be a surname, place, topic, etc.  If you are searching for a Surname, it is better to NOT use the State or County boxes.  Entering a !anyword in the Other Item(s) box means find all but that anyword.  [This can allow you to do a Soundex Surname search (e.g. ~angel) and not get the exact spelling by entering !angel in the Other Item(s) box.]

Surname (Preface ~ for Soundex) Given Name or Other Item(s)
County/Parish State

 All article titles appear exactly as they were written
 in the reference.  You can search all article titles by
 entering any keyword(s) below.
 Select a type
 from the list.
 Or try your own type.

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