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WEBINAR-Brick Wall Breakthroughs by Thomas MacEntee, May 13, 2021 7:00 PM (Central)

Want to see first-hand how to break through that persistent “brick wall” in genealogy? Using actual research problems submitted by FVGS Member webinar attendees, professional genealogist Thomas MacEntee will walk participants through a step-by-step research methodology process to find clues and possible solutions. Participants will have access to research logs, digital images and more during and after the webinar. Also included is a “habit recipe” to implement the same techniques used in the webinar on your own genealogy research.


  • Brick Walls in Genealogy – Why Do We Have Them?
  • Case Study Review
  • Step-By-Step Methodology Review
  • Habit Recipe
  • Resource List

Thomas MacEntee is a genealogy professional specializing in using technology and social media to improve genealogy research and to connect with the family history community. He is the owner of High Definition Genealogy, and shares many of his articles and videos for free at!

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