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March 8 Dudek

March 8, 2018:  Pinning Together Your Genealogical Past with Pinterest - Debra Dudek Are you on Pinterest? It's more than just tasty recipes and weight loss tips. This site can help you sort, share, and promote your genealogy projects. Learn how…

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Personal Writing Groups

Morning and Evening Writing Groups FVGS has two popular writing groups, one meeting once a month in the morning and the other once a month in the evening.  The purpose of these groups is to provide mutual encouragement and insight into writing about personal…

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Scholarly Writing Group

SWG (Scholarly Writing Group)

Are you interested in writing your family genealogy for publication in some format?  If so, you may wish to join the Scholarly Writing Group (SWG).  Currently, there are about nine society members in the group who are writing some aspect of family history for private publication for their family or in a genealogy journal or perhaps book form for a larger audience.

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